OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said he is still planning on backing an assault weapons ban proposal during next year’s legislative session.

Ferguson, a Democrat, who originally proposed the ban in September, called getting the ban passed an “uphill” challenge.

“I’m under no illusion,” said Ferguson. “It’s going to be a challenge. That said, I’m committed to proposing this every legislative session until it does pass.”

Ferguson said his bill would ban future sales of all assault weapons and would prohibit the sales of magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

He called the approach “common sense” and said it would save lives.

In a written statement, the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, Alan Gottlieb, called the proposal the “gun prohibition lobby’s wish list.”

Gottlieb believes the state’s “million plus” gun owners will make sure the ban does not pass.

“What we need to ban are assault politicians, not commonly-owned firearms,” said Gottlieb.