Even if you've never met him, you likely know what John Mueller's Port Orchard home looks like after the tornado. 

It's the red one in Port Orchard that, following the tornado on Tuesday, is missing a roof. 

"Right now, the family is still in disbelief and shock," he said. As you can imagine, everyone had trouble sleeping. 

He says the inside of the house is much worse than it appears from aerial pictures. 

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"It's as if the entire house got shaken up in a snow globe," he explained. Their furniture is everywhere. Boards are sticking through walls. 

Despite the unthinkable event that occurred Tuesday afternoon, Mueller and his family are staying positive. Nobody was home at the time. His children were on their way home from school. 

And the support his family and neighborhood have received is overwhelming. 

"It's hard. But you know what? Family is together. And our little cul-de-sac is family." 

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