A massive replica of Noah’s ark could travel from the Netherlands on a worldwide trip this year, including a visit to Seattle.

The ark, created by Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers, will first stop at several port cities in Brazil and make four stops along the coast of the U.S., according to the Ark of Noah Foundation. The website says: "While still in the planning phase, desired ports to visit include: San Diego, Long Beach, San Francisco and Seattle."

According to the organization, which was founded by Huibers, the idea to build the ark came to Huibers after he dreamt that a massive flood covered the province of Noord-Holland in the Netherlands.

"That dream marks the start of an exciting adventure in which Johan overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve his ultimate goal: The building of a replica of Noah’s Ark," the organization said online.

The modern ark, dubbed "Johan’s Ark," is a fully-functioning replica of Noah’s Ark, as described in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

It is Huibers second ark and has been open to visitors in the Netherlands since 2012.

"Once in Brazil the Ark will be using techniques that include virtual and augmented reality to tell original different biblical themes and stories in an interactive and challenging way," the organization said in a statement.

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