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Snohomish candle company joins effort to support Ukrainians

Local businesses are holding fundraisers and nonprofits are organizing efforts to send medical supplies, food and aid overseas.

SNOHOMISH, Wash. — More than three weeks into Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Washingtonians continue to look for ways to support Ukrainians through rallies and financial aid. 

Nonprofits are organizing efforts to send food, medical supplies, and other needs overseas, while local businesses contribute a portion of proceeds to aid efforts. That includes Snohomish-based Malicious Women Candle Company, where workers say they spent days glued to coverage, worried about the people of Ukraine.

"We're watching the mothers and children leave and men having to stay and fight and as moms ourselves, most of us are moms, we just imagine walking across that border into Poland with nothing," CEO Lacie Marsh-Carroll said.

They created a candle dedicated to a viral video posted by a Ukrainian news outlet, which reported an elderly woman told a Russian soldier to put sunflower seeds in his pockets so they would grow on Ukrainian soil when he died. 

"When we saw that video of that woman go up to that Russian soldier holding that giant machine gun and what she said to him, that was the bravest most fierce warrior stuff I've ever seen in my life," Marsh-Carroll said. 

So far, they've sent $7,200 to Save the Children International and plan to send another $10 for each candle sold toward the cause.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Association of Washington continues to accept donations. Most recently, it held a drive for medical supplies and aid- organizing supplies to send overseas.

Another local effort was launched by Daria Bakai and Kateryna Bakay, who grew up in Ukraine. Bakay moved to Seattle, starting her own business and becoming a US citizen; Bakai remained in Kyiv until bombs started falling around her home and she agreed to seek refuge with her sister. A fundraiser they organized for on-the-ground, local Ukrainian nonprofits and aid volunteers has raised more than $24,000.

Meanwhile, weekly rallies have been held to show support for Ukraine. You can hear about future upcoming events here

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