Jubilee, a 4-year-old Siberian husky given up for adoption by a breeder because of her strange eyes, has now found a new home. A spokesperson for the nonprofit group Husky House, where Jubilee was being cared for, told Buzzfeed News about the breeder who gave her up saying "It was because she looks different and I guess they had just felt they couldn’t sell her."  

Jubilee Husky House unique eyes
Husky House

The internet fell in love with her unique look when her photos gained huge attention on social media. A Reddit group had a huge outpouring of support and attention for Jubilee. The post in a subreddit was titled "This is Jubilee. She just happens to look like bad taxidermy." 

In a message posted to Facebook by Husky House, the organization said, "Thanks to everyone who shared Jubilee’s story. She has found her forever home with previous Husky House adopters and joins her new fur-siblings in a wonderful new life!"