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LIST: Major US airlines drop mask requirements after federal mandate voided

Masks will likely be optional on your next domestic flight, but the airport could be a different story.

WASHINGTON — Got a flight coming up? Your airline may have dropped its COVID-19 mask requirement after a federal judge voided the national mask mandate.

Keep reading for a list of major U.S. airlines and their masking policies.

Even if your airline doesn't require a mask, it's still a good idea to carry one with you. Airports and mass transit authorities are currently free to choose their own rules. Masking requirements can change from airport to airport, so you might need a mask when you disembark from the plane. 

Rules will also be different for some international flights. For example, Alaska Airlines notes that passengers will still need to wear masks on flights to and from Canada.

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Do these airlines still have mask mandates?

Alaska Airlines:

No. Alaska Airlines dropped its mask requirement for passengers but urged them to remember that masking up is still an option. 

Allegiant Air:

No. In a statement, Allegiant Air confirmed that they would be also adhering to the federal changes and would no longer require passengers or crew to wear face coverings. 

American Airlines: 

No. American Airlines also said masks will no longer be required on domestic flights, but may be required on some flights if local or international rules require it.

Delta Air Lines:

No. In a press release, Delta Air Lines said that employees and passengers are also no longer required to wear masks onboard planes or at U.S. airports.

Frontier Airlines:

No. Frontier Airlines told domestic fliers that masks would be optional on any U.S. flights going forward. The company clarified that some airports or foreign countries may still require masks.

Hawaiian Airlines: 

No. The airline announced that effective immediately, face masks are optional for guests and employees onboard its flights.


No. JetBlue said masks are now optional for passengers and crew members on its flights within the U.S.

Southwest Airlines: 

No. Southwest Airlines announced that because the TSA is no longer enforcing the policy, employees and passengers will similarly no longer be required to wear face masks.

Spirit Airlines

No. Spirit Airlines is doing away with mandatory face coverings, the company said. Customers who wish to wear masks will still be able to under the optional masking policy replacing it.

United Airlines:  

No. United Airlines said in a statement that both employees and passengers will no longer be required to wear face coverings onboard all domestic flights, effective immediately. 

Sun Country Airlines:  

No. In a tweet, Sun Country confirmed masks are now optional for passengers and crew, adding that passengers should respect other travelers who do choose to wear one. 

Avelo Airlines:  

No. Avelo Airlines is also getting rid of their mask requirement, the airline tweeted. Avelo added that passengers who feel more comfortable wearing can continue to do so. 

Breeze Airways:  

No. The airline announced that masks are now optional, effective immediately. 

What's next? 

The White House has said the mask order “is not in effect at this time” and called the federal judge's decision disappointing.

The Justice Department declined to comment Monday on whether it would seek an emergency stay to block the judge’s order. The CDC also declined to comment.

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