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Joe Biden's '30330' flub creates 3030 presidential run speculation

Social media lit up, and one of Biden's competitors for the Democratic nomination took advantage.

A verbal flub by former Vice President Joe Biden at the end of Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate had people speculating (jokingly) that Biden is announcing yet another presidential run, albeit so far into the future that Biden may have to do it as a hologram stored on a computer.

And one of Biden's competitors took advantage to get more eyes on his own website.

During his closing statement, Biden said, "If you agree with me, go to Joe 30330." It led to immediate confusion.

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A look at Biden's campaign Twitter account indicates he was trying to direct people to text Joe to 30330. Texting a word to a number is often used to get people to sign up for text message updates.

But the verbal error led to jokes online that Biden was announcing he was going to run for president -- in 3030.

One of Biden's competitors for president took immediate advantage. If you go to joe3030.com, it redirects you to the campaign website for Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Ind., mayor who is also running for president.

The move led to praise for Buttigieg's team for its quick thinking.

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If you use the actual numbers Biden said and go to joe30330.com, it sends you to joshforamerica.com -- a satirical campaign website for a man named Joshua Fayer. The site says Fayer has launched an exploratory committee for president. He also has an introductory campaign video in which he asks people to donate $1 million each to his campaign.

"I'm the only candidate currently running on a 'No homework in college' position," Fayer says in the video.

Fayer promotes himself as the only Gen-Z candidate -- which makes him ineligible to become president because he's too young. The Constitution states a president must be at least 35 years old. Fayer said on Twitter Wednesday night he's 14 years away from that.

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