GREENSBORO, NC -- A Michigan woman’s Facebook live video is going viral claiming that from Nov. 4th-6th all power and communication will be down due to a planned government exercise by the Department of Defense.

Before it was deleted off Facebook it had more than 70,000 shares. It’s been reposted to youtube.

The two ladies in the video said that an Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) is coming, explaining there would be no power or way to communicate, and that vehicles would be rendered useless.

“The reason [the Department of Defense] didn’t tell ya’ll... was because they didn’t want to incite panic,” one woman said.

WFMY News 2 went straight to the U.S. military to set the record straight after viewers started calling the newsroom and writing in on Facebook.

According to a U.S. Army Cyber Command spokesman, there will be a planned exercise only simulating what would happen if electricity went down across the country.

The spokesman went on to say that there was confusion with a release published earlier this week, that made it seem like it would be an actual event.

But the release clearly states that during the training exercise on November 4th-6th they will be “once again simulating a ‘very bad day’ scenario.” The release goes on to say that “ Amateur Radio and MARS organizations will take part.”

For reference, MARS stands for Military Auxiliary Radio System, and Amateur Radio is a community that spans across the country who helps the military fine tune radio operations.

Notice the words “once again” in the above quote. The Army spokesman said these drills happen four times every year and have been going on since 2013. He also said the date had been set last year. There were some people on conspiracy sites saying the date coincided with planned Antifa “riots”.

So WFMY News 2 can verify that there will not be a nationwide blackout come November 4th.