Rescue works are mobilizing to help over 100 animals and two people escape from a North Carolina animal shelter that's been flooded by tropical storm Florence.

Carteret County Humane Society (CCHS), located in the city of Newport, notified Facebook followers on Friday that at least two people along with 43 dogs, about 80 cats, and roughly 15 chickens and roosters were trapped on the top floor of the building.

"The shelter is old and needed repairs before the storm," the manager Cassandra Tupaj wrote in a message. 

Tupaj also wrote that the surrounding road is flooded, trees are down along the way, and that the fire department said the sheriff line was busy. 

"Roads are flooded around. Will Probably need boats," Tupaj said.

The non-profit said that its generator was at about 40 percent as of about 8 am this morning and it only has a few hours left before it gives out.

"Also the roof over dog kennels is saturated and not looking like it will hold up the whole storm," Tapaj said.

Part of the ceiling has already given way and the animals are standing in inches of water. 

Locals say various rescue groups are working to reach the animals.

"I've been in contact with seven teams. Some have dispatched. There's no ETA yet," said North Carolinian Amelia Smith-Casey, a local animal-care volunteer who helps to transport shelter animals. "But the closest is about 2 hours away."

Tapaj said the Cajun Navy, a volunteer group of private boat owners who assist in search and rescue efforts, has a boat 30 miles away.

On Wednesday the shelter posted a Facebook status that reads: "Hey everyone! As we prepare for Florence we ask if anyone is out and about we could use the following items! Purina dog and cat chow, cat litter, and any type of water jugs. Thank you to anyone who can donate, our animals greatly appreciate it!!!!"

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