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Mom charged in DUI peed on an officer and kicked another in groin, police say

Mom peed on officer, kicked another in groin
Credit: Courtesy of Brevard County Sheriff's Office
Nichole Nespolini, 40, of Melbourne, kicked an officer in the groin and peed on another officer, police say.

A Florida woman who police said was driving under the influence Monday was taken into custody after rear-ending another vehicle and kicking and peeing on an officer — all while her child was in the back seat of her car, according to reports. 

Nichole Nespolini, 40, was driving erratically, screaming and cursing at another vehicle before rear-ending the car, police report. The driver of the vehicle was able to motion Nespolini to pull over, after which Nespolini continued screaming at the woman and pleading for her not to call law enforcement. 

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When police arrived at the Melbourne intersection at about 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nespolini continued to act erratically, walking into traffic and pushing an officer in the chest, reports show. At one point, she stood on her toes to yell in an officer's face, police report. 

As three officers began placing the suspect in handcuffs, she said, "I'm peeing and I hope it gets on you!" according to an arrest report. The woman began urinating on an officer's foot. 

While escorting Nespolini into the patrol vehicle, she kicked another officer in the groin, police report. 

It wasn't until Nespolini was secured in the patrol car that police walked over to her vehicle and noticed a baby in a child seat in the back seat.

The child's father came to retrieve the baby while Nespolini was taken to a hospital for medical clearance before being booked into the Brevard County Jail.

She was charged with driving under the influence, DUI with property damage, child neglect, resisting officer with violence, resisting officer without violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. Nespolini's bond was set at $18,500. 

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