google ingenhousz
A Google Doodle in honor of Jan Ingenhousz, credited as the father of photosynthesis.

The scientist credited as the father of photosynthesis was born on this day 287 years ago.

On Friday, Google paid tribute to Jan Ingenhousz, a Dutch scientist born in 1730 who discovered the photosynthetic process, used by plants use to convert sun light into food. 

The logo features the "l" as a plant with the second "o" as the sun, detailing how plants use water and sunlight to thrive.

According to Google, Ingenhousz began studying medicine at 16, traveling to London to immunize hundreds of people at risk for smallpox. He then served as family doctor to Austrian Empress Maria Theresa.

"Though it was already known that plants produced and absorbed gases, it was Ingenhousz who first noticed that oxygen was produced by leaves in sunlight, and carbon dioxide produced in darkness," wrote Google in a blog post published Friday.

Ingenhousz published his findings in 1779.

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