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50 states: 50 doughnut destinations

50 states: 50 doughnut destinations
Credit: Thomas McGovern
At four Connecticut locations, Donut Crazy crafts more than 20 over-the-top takes on doughnuts with toppings such as chopped peaches rolled in sugar or a piece of Double Bubble gum.

America's craft doughnut shops and bakeries are always innovating with glaze, icing, fillings and toppings so fans never tire of the treat.

We found an independent doughnut shop or regional chain in each state (and D.C.) serving up inventive toppings, flavorful glazes and picture-perfect icing that make an art of the basic breakfast indulgence. Doughnuts serve as handheld vehicles for all kinds of food trends, from the cereal craze to vegan-friendly variations to infusing anything with alcohol (yes, there are whiskey doughnuts available).

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Celebrate National Doughnut Day (June 1) at one of the fun destinations in the photo gallery above, and see more inspiration to have dessert for breakfast below.