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Mystery Coke Machine baffles Capitol Hill

Mystery Coke Machine baffles Capitol Hill
The Mystery Coke Machine has haunted Capitol Hill for nearly thirty years

SEATTLE - For as long as anyone can remember, or at least the mid-1980's, it has haunted John Street outside Broadway Locksmith.

It is known as the Mystery Coke Machine because it poses nearly as many riddles...as it dispenses cans of 75 cent pop.

Riddles like : where does it come from? Who stocks the machine? Who collects the money? And the biggest mystery of all: what happens when you hit the mystery button?

Key maker Aaron Westegaard says he thinks underground gnomes are stocking the Mystery Coke Machine.

"Little gnomes live under Seattle in the underground city", explained Westegaard. "They meet at the port to get soda and then they come in in the middle of the night and fill the machine and they take all the quarters out."

Arlen Pringle says one night he saw a man stocking the Mystery Coke Machine. And he didn't look like a gnome.

"He didn't have a lot of hair up top.6'2"- 6'3" white male.Regular looking dude. I think I would have known if it was a gnome."