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Yakima reports no activity change after pit bull ban lifted

Back in September, Yakima lifted a citywide ban on pit bull dogs. The city says there has been no uptick in reports of dangerous dogs since the 30-year ban was lifted.

Yakima officials say there has not been a noticeable change in pit bull activity after the city's ban on the dog breed was lifted last month.

The Yakima Herald-Republic reports city spokesman Randy Beehler says the purchase of dog licenses and reports of dangerous dogs do not appear to have increased following the repeal of the more than 30-year-old ban on pit bull ownership.

Charles Stanton, executive director of the Yakima Humane Society, says the group's operations haven't changed much as there has not been a spike in adoptions or animal control activity.

The city council voted in August to repeal the ordinance enacted in 1987.

Some supporters of the ban expressed concern that the repeal would bring more pit bulls into the city, leading to more dog attacks.