This week KING 5 is driving some of the worst commutes in Western Washington, sent to us by viewers.

Elizabeth Winter drives 70 miles from Sedro-Woolley to the University of Washington campus. She said the trip takes her about two hours one-way.

Winter is a married mother of three who decided she wanted to get her undergraduate degree a few years ago. She decided to endure this commute because of Skagit County’s lower cost of living.

“Trying to get housing for only two years in Seattle was ridiculously expensive,” Winter said. “It actually saves me money buying a new car, paying for a car payment and gas, it is cheaper than moving to Seattle.”

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She added there isn’t a reliable option for public transportation to cover that long distance.

“I can’t because the availability in the mornings and the afternoons around my schedule, there isn’t (sic) any buses,” she said. “And I have a husband that works nights. I have kids that I have to get home to. I don’t have the luxury of waiting.”

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Winter said she ended up choosing transportation infrastructure as her major because of her long commute. She said she sees all the needed road and traffic improvements on her long journey.

She graduates this summer.

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