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Wives of Seattle Seahawks lead march across I-90 for racial justice

Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll even showed up for the event, alongside some of his current and former players and their wives to march for racial justice.

MERCER ISLAND, Wash. — A large march in support of Black Lives Matter went over the I-90 bridge Saturday afternoon. It was part of an event called “Bridge to the Future” organized by the wives of current and former Seahawks.

The event was organized with families in mind, put together by two moms. Tiffany Chancellor said she was thinking about her son when she got the idea for the event.

"Just thinking his future as a black man in America and us wanting to do something," Chancellor explained. She recruited her friend Nathalie Wright to help.

Wright said the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis seems to have stirred mothers across the country.  

"Our children now will grow up and be grown men, like they're black men, that could be them on the floor begging for their mom," said Wright. "It's absolutely heartbreaking those are the circumstances that their life has to end."

Wright is the wife of current Seahawk KJ Wright and Chancellor is the wife of former Seahawk Kam Chancellor. The pair said their husbands were supportive when they came to them with the idea.

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The event started with a gathering at a Mercer Island Park where Chancellor told the crowd about ways they could help.  

“Teach our children to be anti-racist by talking about racism and your intolerance for racist words or behaviors," she told the hundreds gathered.

The pair encouraged everyone to try and win people with love calling it “the only true weapon.” They led the march that went across the I-90 bridge.  

The crowd included Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll who stayed in the background but said he wanted to be there.

"We're supporting the cause every way that we can and our players, in particular, it's the right thing to do," said Carroll.

The crowd seemed to take over the bridge filling up the pedestrian walkway.   Max Djenohan said he’s attended several marches and demonstrations and was moved by the turnout.  

“To stand in solidarity with police violence police brutality, which I personally have experienced growing up, and to be here with the more affluent people from mercer island and to see that their standing in solidarity with the cause is amazing," he said.

Towards the back of the pack, those Seahawk husbands, usually in the limelight, this time watched with pride as their wives pushed for change.

“Very proud because most the time the men, we are taking the lead I think it’s great for the wives to stand up and express the same emotion and the same message that we're trying to get across the inclusion and together that feels very important,” said Kam Chancellor.

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