The holiday party season is in full swing, and if you need some suggestions on drinks and snacks, Whole Foods has a list to help!

Top 10 Holiday Wines under $20

  • Topsail Pinot Gris (WA)
  • Lobo Hills Sauvignon Blanc (WA)
  • Teutonic Riesling Medici Vineyard (OR)
  • Payne Cellars Cub Red (OR/WA)
  • Backstay White Blend Semi-Dry (OR)
  • Undaunted Malbec (WA) - $13.99
  • Cloudveil Pinot Noir (OR) - $14.99
  • Ross Andrew The Huntsman Cabernet Sauvignon (WA)
  • Oregon Trails Wine Company Pinot Noir (OR)
  • St. Hubertus Estate Great White North (BC)

12 Days of Cheese

  • Vermont Creamery St. Albans non-GMO verified
  • Le Marechal
  • Cellars at Jasper Hill Harbison
  • Borough Market Stilton
  • Roquefort Papillon
  • Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve
  • EMMI Roth Kaltbach Le Gruyere
  • Mons Epoisse
  • Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche
  • Mons Camembert
  • Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor
  • Flora Nelle Rogue Creamery OG