Evacuations were canceled Wednesday morning for homes impacted by the Soap Lake Fire in central Washington north of Soap Lake.

As of 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Soap Lake Fire burned 2,000 acres and was 50 percent contained.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office issued evacuations Monday night because of the fast-moving Soap Lake Fire. The Washington State mobilization plan was activated Monday night, which means state resources are on the way.

Authorities told people under level 3 evacuations north of Soap Lake to load their families and pets in their cars and leave the area immediately. The Soap Lake City RV Park is open and Smokiam Park is being used by firefighters for the fire.

VIDEO: Soap Lake Fire in Grant County

Grant County Sheriff’s Office officials said the wildfire started about 4:30 p.m. Monday along HWY 17 North, about three miles north of Soap Lake. The mandatory evacuation alert was for homes on the east side of HWY 17 North from milepost 81, stretching from north of Soap Lake all the way south of the Smokiam RV Park.

Firefighters saved several homes and structures from the fire overnight. Grant County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Kyle Foreman said people in the Soap Lake area are safe from the fire. Foreman said the fire will not reach the town of Soap Lake.

Homes on the west side of HWY 17 from Smokiam RV Park to Lake Lenore Dr. were also issued a level 2 evacuation warning. Those have since been canceled. Wind was initially driving the east towards more rural, unpopulated areas. But later in the evening, the wind changed directions and the fire is now threatening homes in the area.

Foreman said police officers started knocking on doors and asking residents to leave the area immediately shortly after the evacuation warning was issued at about 8:30 p.m. Monday.
Authorities sent out a reverse 911 notification reached about 115 individual phone numbers in the area, Foreman said.

As of Tuesday morning, authorities did not have any shelters in place for evacuees. Foreman said the majority of people that evacuated relocated with family and friends. Some people even parked their vehicles in a local park to wait out the fire. Foreman said a large group of people never evacuated.
If there is a need for a shelter, authorities will open one. Those who need help are asked to call the Grant County Emergency Manager.

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