Editor's note: above video originally aired in October 2018 

Most people think about big tech companies like Amazon and Zillow and the software developers they attract when they see the new construction that’s reshaping the Seattle skyline and neighboring cities.

But those new buildings will need people to maintain them. Building and maintenance jobs are projected to be the third-fastest growing industry in Washington through 2026, according to a recent report by the state Employment Security Department.

Computer and math-related jobs are projected to be the fastest growing jobs and management positions come in second.

  • Computer and math jobs: 3.69 percent annual growth rate
  • Management occupations: 2.18 percent annual growth rate
  • Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance: 2.10 percent annual growth rate

Overall, non-farming jobs in Washington are projected to grow at an average rate of 1.59 percent per year until 2026.

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The national average annual base pay for building maintenance employees is $30,480, according to estimates by Glassdoor, which is about $14.65 an hour and working full time. To rent a studio apartment, a person would need to make $19.08 an hour, according to data by the National Low Income Housing Coalition in 2018.

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The report also found that wages for the workers earning $12 - $17.99 an hour grew the fastest from 2016-2017. During the time, the Seattle minimum wage increased to $15.00 an hour.

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