Seattle has seen record snowfall this month and all that frozen water has to go somewhere when it melts – like the storm drains in the street. It’s important to keep the storm drains clear to prevent flooding from the melting snow.

If a storm drain is blocked it can lead to flooding that can cause water damage to houses and buildings nearby.

As snow plows move the snow off the roadways, they sometimes cover the storm drains on the side of the street. Ice, rocks, plants and other debris can be mixed in with the plowed snow covering the storm drains and block the drains. 

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"We have tens of thousands of drains in the city. You can help prevent flooding by clearing storm drains," Mami Hara, the general manager and CEO of Seattle Public Utilities said. "As you're clearing, be sure to work from the sidewalk or parking strip and stay out of cartway when clearing drains - it's the safest way."

King County asks that people help keep storm drains clear of snow, ice of other debris, including the snow that you may shovel from your driveway or sidewalk. Do not try to clear a drain that's on a busy street, and do not take off the metal lid. 

"We're trying to hit as many storm drains as possible. If you're a homeowner and you see one clogged, clear it. Do it safely," Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said.