We know what topic you’ve been conversing about around the water cooler the last several months – the weather.

Mother Nature has thrown a lot of rainfall our way these last few years. Seattle moved into the fourth wettest October – April period Tuesday.

Can you guess what the No. 1 spot is? 2015-16. That’s right – last year! We had a record of 44.52 inches within that period which is more than we’ve ever experienced.

With all that rain comes the lack of sunshine and vitamin D for your skin. Of the first 100 days in 2017, 71 of them have been below normal for daytime high temperatures. Seventy-four of those days have been with precipitation, 84 days with cloud cover, and five days without.

Meteorologists consider it a cloudy day when 70 percent of that day is filled with clouds. Therefore, we’ve only had five days with 30 percent cloud cover or less.

The cloudy, wet weather has also affected gardeners, who say they haven’t been able to get their gardens growing to their full potential yet.

“The weather this year has not been exactly comfy,” said gardener Dona Snow-Miller.

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By this point in April, many gardens would already be in full bloom, according to University of Washington Botanic Gardens curator Ray Larson. However, full bloom has been pushed back up to four weeks in some cases.

“I’d say if the ground’s too squishy to walk on, it’s probably, you shouldn’t work it,” Larson said. “You should wait a little longer.”

So, if you happen to be getting a little antsy, we get it. It’s been a tough couple of years.

- Meteorologist Jordan Steele

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