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Washington state senator, former legislator openly sharing abortion stories at pro-rights rallies

“I had to. It was important. It was the moment.” Washington Sen. Mona Das among state leaders sharing they had abortions in the past.

WASHINGTON, USA — Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, several celebrities and prominent female public figures shared their personal abortion experiences on social media in support of abortion rights.

Other prominent women, including Washington lawmakers, also revealed their abortion experiences.

Some shared their stories at abortion rights rallies.

Thousands of people rallied for abortion rights outside the U.S. Supreme Court following the ruling. Among those in the crowd was Washington Sen. Mona Das (D-47th Legislative District).

Das stepped up, grabbed a megaphone and told the crowd she, too, had an abortion when she was in her early 20s.

“I had to. It was important,” Das said. “It was the moment.”

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Das said hearing other Washington women leaders share their abortion stories inspired her to do the same.

“I was tired of the shame,” Das said. “Twenty-seven years of carrying this secret. I knew it was my turn to share.”

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal openly shared that she had an abortion in the past, and recently state representative Beth Doglio shared her story at a rally.

“I made a choice to have an abortion. My first son was an infant. My husband’s job required him to work around the clock, so I was managing mostly on my own, and I did not feel that I was emotionally, mentally or physically able to handle another child at that time,” Doglio said. “Parenting is by far the hardest job I have ever had.”

Doglio, who is running as the democratic candidate for the House of Representatives in the 22nd Legislative District and a former Washington state legislator, said she had her second child five years later.

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“I know that by making that choice, I was a better mother and a better partner to the three people I love and cherish most in this world, my two sons and my husband,” Doglio said.

To watch KING 5’s Farah Jadran’s full interview with Das and Doglio about their abortion experiences and their views on the future of abortion rights, see the video player above.

Republican Washington state senator for ‘pro choices’

Washington State Rep. Jenny Graham (R-6th Legislative District) said she is an abortion survivor after her mother chose to carry her to term despite a family member’s urging her to have an abortion. Her mother is a survivor of domestic violence.

Graham told KING 5 that she understands both sides of pro-life and pro-choice stances.

“There is such a divide,” Graham said. “You’re either pro-choice or pro-life, but people like me are ‘pro choices.’"

Graham said wants to see funding focused on supporting women during pregnancy and after the birth of their children - “giving women choices,” including putting their child up for adoption. She said the nation’s adoption process needs to be “easier,” so people hoping to become parents do not have to seek international adoptions.

As a child and teen sexual assault survivor, Graham said she considers herself lucky because she did not get pregnant at the time.

“I’m lucky I wasn’t put in that position to make that choice,” Graham said. “It’s a tough situation.”

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