Photographer Kevin Ebi has been featured in National Geographic, the Smithsonian and recently made headlines for his photo series of an epic battle between an eagle, fox, and rabbit on San Juan Island. Now his work will travel the globe in the form of a Forever postage stamp.

Ebi captured the Northern Lights dancing over Washington state and his image caught the attention of the United States Postal Service. His photograph was chosen to illustrate the lyrics to America the Beautiful in a new stamp series named "O Beautiful."

The story behind the stamp is revealed on Ebi's blog, Living Wilderness. The photo was taken from Mount Pilchuck in Washington's North Cascades. It was just after 1 a.m. on Halloween 2003. Ebi had gone searching for the Northern Lights and says the solar storm was so strong, it even affected compass readings in Alaska.

Ebi wrote, "I had expected to see just a green glow on the horizon, but was moved by pillars of light that seemed to erupt from the mountaintops." Bolstered by such remarkable views, Ebi returned to Mount Pilchuck the next night and adjusted the camera settings on his Canon 1Ds. His second photo that night would become a treasured memory — Forever.

"Since then, I’ve photographed the northern lights many more times with better cameras and in more favorable locations, including the northern reaches of Iceland," Ebi wrote in his blog. "But I still hold fond memories of the two nights I was treated to such an extraordinary show in the wilderness I call home."

The stamp with his photograph was unveiled July 5 and is available for purchase now.

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