Every October, things get a little scary in Bucoda, Washington. Since 2009, the town has officially changed its name to "BOO-coda" to help advertise the Scary Nights Haunted House in the old elementary school gymnasium.

But there’s a new twist this year.

The city bought a hearse: a 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Crystal Coach. They found the hearse for sale in California this summer for $2,000.

"My son-in-law and I and my daughter drove down to Bakersfield, borrowed a truck and hauled the hearse back up here,” said Mayor Al Carr.

Carr used grant money to buy and decorate the hearse with magnetic banners and metal signage for the windows advertising the city’s Halloween website: boo-coda.com.

He said the haunted house is one of the only attractions to the town of 560 people.

“We’re off the beaten path, nobody knows who we are,” said Carr. “Nobody knows we were the second-largest city in Thurston County at one time.”

Now Bucoda is the smallest city in the county. But every October, hundreds visit the town for a good old scare.

“This is our seventh year,” said Carr. “It’s increased every year between 18-20 percent.”

Along with the hearse, Boo-coda is offering "Spooktacular” weekend events for children all month.

“This weekend, we have a hearse procession and viewing. Approximately 18 hearses have signed up!” said Carr.