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Voluntary evacuations in Fall City due to landslide concerns

King County Emergency Management is seeing land movement off of 356th Drive. They've asked people to evacuate out of an abundance of caution.

FALL CITY, Wash. — Some residents in Fall City are asked to "voluntarily evacuate" the area as a precaution to a slow-moving landslide. 

King County Emergency Management is seeing land movement off 356th Drive, near State Route 202. 

Out of an abundance of caution, the agency is asking nearby residents to voluntarily evacuate. Emergency Management crews began checking the area after last week's storms

The road has about 75 homes on it. It's unknown how many people are evacuating. 

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For residents that choose to stay, they may be isolated for an extended period of time with no way in or out, according to the county.

The county wants to give people the opportunity to evacuate while they can, in case a large slide occurs. The entire road segment is moving, county road services said.

There is no estimate for when the land movement may stabilize. County officials call it an "evolving situation" that they will continue to monitor.

The county said they could be spending one-third of their $30 million in roads budget just to respond to damage from a week-long storm and the landslide aftermath.

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Several areas in western Washington were hit with mudslides over the weekend as constant heavy rain loosened up the ground.

A shelter has been set up at the Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church, located at 36017 SE Fish Hatchery Road in Fall City, for those impacted by the evacuation.