SEATTLE -- Thursday marks almost one week since the Alaskan Way Viaduct shut down as commuters continue to adjust their routes to make their trips easy as possible.

One of the few groups enjoying the closure is the bicycling community.

Erick Ross works at Westside Bicycle and said they have had a steady stream of business in recent weeks -- people who were planning for the shutdown and those trying to find a way to get through it.

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Ross said many people are getting back into the activity for the first time in a long while.

“We’re getting a lot of bikes like this one right here, or these two right here, who have basically been in retirement for 20 years now coming in now getting tune ups and stuff,” Ross said. “A lot of people have been getting bikes tuned up and or they are coming in to just buy them. Buy all the equipment they need, all the lights, getting decked out for commuting.”

Ross hopes that the tune ups turn into a strong addition for a biking community that is hoping to grow.

“You get a lot of people who have never ridden a bike before all of a sudden coming in and say I want to try this bike commuting thing, and we’ll get them equipped and give them everything they need, and then they take to it,” Ross added. “I think now with the ability to commute a lot easier with the bike trails and stuff that they have been putting in, I have seen a lot of people taking to bike commuting.”