PHOENIX - Chivalry is not dead.

Just ask motorcyclist Patrick Patterson.

The Valley man is going viral after his helmet cam captured him and his two friends, Damion Pruitt and Eduardo Plascencia, helping an elderly woman cross a busy intersection.

In the video taken on April 22, the woman can be seen in the middle of a Phoenix intersection attempting to cross the road on a green light. Patterson and the others zoom past her before quickly realizing she could use some help. So, they turned around.

The three bikes set up in the intersection to stop traffic.

"It was crazy," said Patterson. "She scared us at first. That’s why we hit the brakes. But we had to turn back."

Patterson also said the moment was upsetting because cars nearby just kept going. But he was glad they were able to help.

"When we all got home, I think we felt we had done a good deed," he said.

As far as the video going viral? Patterson said he just wanted Phoenix to know, as motorcyclists, they care. He also revealed even though they were not able to speak to the woman after she made it safely across the road, he was just happy to lend a helping hand.

"People may or may not be surprised but with so much pain in the news and world," he said, "why not be good to as many people as we can."

Along with the act of kindness, Patterson hopes this moment helps change people's perception of bikers.

"I wish that people knew just how much bikers care about our cities, towns, roads and etc.," Patterson said. "Mostly bikers love people!"