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Seattle tech workers launch effort to help boost herd immunity against COVID-19

'VacSeen.org' creates simple silicone bracelets with slogans like "COVID-19 Vaccinated" on them so the wearer can easily display their vaccine status.

SEATTLE — Two tech workers in Seattle have launched an effort to support the push toward achieving herd immunity against the coronavirus. 

Greg Akselrod turned to his friend and former Microsoft colleague, Ian Mikutel, to start an organization called VacSeen.org. The company makes simple silicon bracelets with the slogan "VacSeen" on them, similar to the "Live Strong" yellow bracelets that became synonymous with the fight against cancer. 

"This is meant to be a social signal, a social movement. It’s meant to be for people who are proud that they’ve done their part to help," said Akselrod. 

The bracelets are a distinct light blue color and have other slogans on them like, "COVID-19 Vaccinated," "Band Together" and "I can give hugs. Can you?"

Akselrod and Mikutel launched the idea with a $1,000 Kickstarter campaign. Six months later, VacSeen.org has boomed to distribute over 200,000 blue bracelets and has even started working with a second production facility to meet the demand. 

The bracelets are $2.50 with an option to order variety packs as well. A portion of the proceeds from the bracelets supports the World Health Organization's Pandemic Relief Fund. 

"Getting to herd immunity will take many solutions. VacSeen.org is dedicated to one of them -- and we've built it to scale to every vaccinated wrist in America," said Akselrod.