SEATTLE - Students at the University of Washington are rallying their classmates in support of a carbon tax on November's ballot.

Junior Mishu Pham-Whipple got involved with I-732 thanks to a stranger asking her for a signature to secure its spot on the ballot.
Now that it is, she's returning the favor.

I-732, which would tax carbon emissions while cutting sales tax by 1-percent. It also funds a yearly rebate for low-income families

The students know this year is a presidential election year, and that's when young people are most likely to vote. Young voters are also the initiative's target group.

"Because they care about climate change at a disproportionately higher rate than any other demographic," Ben Silesky said.

Silesky is aware the Department of Ecology is working on its own clean air rule, but it's been delayed again, and he says they're sick of waiting.

"This issue is too urgent for us to wait, both on anyone else's ruling or anyone else to do it for us."