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UW professor answers key questions about U.S-Iran tensions

KING 5 spoke with the director of the UW Jackson School of International Studies.

SEATTLE — KING 5 asked Dr. Resat Kasaba, a University of Washington professor and the director of the Jackson School of International Studies, three key questions about the escalating tension between the United States and Iran.

What's likely to happen next?

“Iran is likely to react,” Kasaba said, “and they're likely to react in one of several ways. I don't think it'll be a big sort of major reaction that would cause a war or anything like that.”

Kasaba said Iran’s reaction could include attacks in Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East.

“I think it'll be unsafe for U.S. interests, U.S. businesses, and civilians, and it might even be difficult for U.S. forces to stay in Iraq after this,” he said.

Should Americans worry about their safety?

“I don't think this will lead to any big reaction in other parts of the world, in Europe or the United States,” Kasaba said.

“I think people should realize that we're not talking about something like Al Qaeda or ISIS, this is a government that has interests and their interests seem to be not always similar to the U.S. interests,” he said.

Will this cause another war in the Middle East?

“The President says that this was done to prevent war and not to cause war, but if they haven't thought about the context and the long-term consequences, this may very well get out of control very quickly,” Kasaba said.

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