A group of ambitious skateboarders may be in hot water after they built their own skateboard spot in a very unlikely place. The skaters hauled their own building materials and put the ramp on a tiny island in the middle of Seattle’s Green Lake.

It was part of a contest sponsored by Nike that encouraging skateboarders to build their own skate park or an extension onto a skate park and make a video about it. The video shows the group skating on the small ramp that they put island.

Kayak and Canoe instructor Margaret Buzard said she first heard the skateboarding sounds in June and didn't know what to think. “You hear many different things on Green Lake, you're not supposed to hear skateboards” she explained.

The Seattle Parks Department said the skate ramp was not authorized and they would now try to figure out how they would take it apart and get it off the island. The island provides habitat for birds and it might require some rehabilitation.

“They're not supposed to be out there” Buzard explained. “I work with my kids out there and they come out and say can we go out there and I'm like no it's a bird sanctuary.”

On the Nike website, the entry is tied to 35 North, a capitol hill skate shop. Workers there said they weren't involved in building the ramp but felt like there are not enough places in Seattle for skateboarders to ride.