There are only two days until the closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and that means that drivers across the region should be ready with plans to adjust their commute to avoid the inevitable congestion expected over the next several weeks until the new State Route 99 tunnel opens. 

Bike-sharing companies are making some final changes before the closure. Uber owned ‘Jump’ is adding about 2,000 bikes in the coming days in different parts of the city from North and Central Seattle to South and West Seattle.

“We pushed hard to roll as many bikes out as possible prior to this Friday when the Seattle squeeze starts,” Uber spokesperson Nathan Hambley said. “We’re also prioritizing distribution and re-balancing of the bikes to transit hubs in addition to that we have a promotional program going on right now where we’re waiving the unlock fee for the bikes.”

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“I think it’s going to take everyone contributing in some way. We want to make it easy for people to get to downtown without having to use a personal vehicle,” Hambley added. “I think even like on a day like today, it’s sprinkling, I would say put on your favorite piece of vortex and some really great gloves, and bike’s still a great option. This is really a terrific piece of equipment and I think you’d have a good experience riding it.”

If you may be a low-income bike rider Jump has a discount program to make it easier for you. You can find all the details on

Uber and Lyft are also offering options during the closure. Uber and Lyft are both offering 2.75 discounts on rides to select transit centers to people can then board a bus.

If you use the Lyft App you can enter the discount code REALIGN99 to receive your savings.