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Don't want your trash to pile up? Marysville City Hall says, bring it on over

The city's solid waste department is accepting trash and recycling drop-offs this week after canceling normally scheduled waste pick-up due to icy road conditions.

MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Travel down any neighborhood in Puget Sound right now and people are bound to see full trash cans waiting to be emptied.

The City of Marysville is among several municipalities in the area that are delaying garbage pick-up due to icy road conditions post Sunday's snowfall.

To help alleviate any frustration, the city is offering temporary trash drop-off for Marysville residents at City Hall this week.

"I think because of the weather and the holidays all put together, it was just frustrating to people so we tried to see, is there something else we could do to offer a little more?" City of Marysville Spokesperson Connie Mennie said.

Rather than wait an additional week for trash to be picked up, Marysville residents may drop off bagged trash at City Hall located on 1049 State Ave. Solid waste personnel will be there to help dispose the trash into dumpsters.

The temporary trash drop-off started this week and will resume 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday. Recyclables in blue bins will be accepted 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. However, no green yard waste will be accepted.

Additional drop-off dates beyond Thursday are to be determined depending on road conditions and the weather, according to Mennie.

John Fraser lives in Marysville and made the Wednesday 5 p.m. cutoff time to drop off some last-minute recycling.

"It's a lot safer than having the heavy-duty trucks driving down our neighborhoods," Fraser said.

Fully loaded trucks could weigh up to three tons, according to city staff and putting them on icy roads could be hazardous.

"You don't really want this giant truck sliding on the ice and smashing into your car or your fence you know, so we need to be careful and make it safe for everybody," Mennie said.

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