OLYMPIA, Wash. — A Thurston County veteran is frustrated after someone stole two American flags from his family's business.

The latest theft occurred Friday, when someone allegedly stole an American flag from the pole outside the business near Olympia. 

“We're definitely a very patriotic family," Paul DeTray explained.

DeTray is the third generation to jump into the family business and said the flagpole has been around since before he was born. 

“It has been a tradition to have a flag flying at all times," he said. 

In just a matter of weeks, thieves stole the flag for the second time. The first theft was on Memorial Day  

“When I came into work that day, my dad said I didn't want to tell you this but yesterday the flag got stolen, he knew it was one of those things that would really bother me," DeTray said. 

The anniversary is significant to DeTray because on Memorial Day in 2011, he was serving in the Army in Afghanistan when he stepped on an I.E.D. 

“In two days I lost half my platoon,” he explained. “Thirty-seven surgeries later, I'm on my own two feet."

Replacing the flag will not be cheap or easy because the will have to get a boom truck to re-thread the line. But the family says they are anxious to get it flying in front of their business again.  

“As a patriot and somebody who served, I'm always going to have some way to honor the people who have served our country and the people who have sacrificed everything to ensure freedom," DeTray said. 

The lack of respect is the most frustrating aspect to the recent thefts.

The business is now considering upgrading its security system.