OLYMPIA, Wash. — The chief prosecutor who managed criminal operations for Thurston County resigned Sunday, citing a conflict in his personal life. 

In his resignation letter, Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jeffery Lippert said, “Recent events in my personal life which have affected my professional duties and have compromised my ability to serve as a leader in the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Prosecutor Jon Tunheim said Lippert came forward to inform him about the issue.

“I was surprised,” said Tunheim, who said Lippert acted “perfectly” for the past two years as the county’s chief criminal prosecutor. 

As chief prosecutor, Lippert managed day-to-day operations for the office’s criminal division.

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Tunheim would not get into the details of the issue that prompted the resignation but said no crime was committed.

"Most of what we're talking about was issues around internal policy,” said Tunheim. “How we conduct ourselves in the office and kind of professional confidentiality but nothing patently unethical or illegal [happened] that I was aware of."

Lippert did not wish to speak about his resignation.

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