SEABECK, Wash. -- Three people were found dead Friday night after a house fire in Kitsap County.

Authorities say the bodies of two men and one woman were found inside a home in the 13400 block of Tenino Drive West, in the Seabeck area near Lake Tahuyeh and Gold Mountain around 11:30 p.m.

Investigators went to the home late Friday after a chilling 911 call “it was a voice that said there has been violence here, people have been injured” Deputy Scott Wilson explained.

Wilson said the caller didn’t give many details and quickly hung up.

Neighbors heard gunshots earlier in the evening but didn’t know if they were related to the incident.

“My husband was going around the windows to see if he could figure out where it was coming from,” neighbor Lyndee Leifeste said.

Family members who live at the home run the popular restaurant Juanito’s Taqueria on Kitsap way. It was shut down Saturday with a sign saying there was a family emergency and flowers were placed outside.

“My heart goes out to them and their family and friends, I can’t imagine what they must be going through” Leifestesaid.

Kitsap County Sheriff detectives are looking for 43-year-old John D. Careaga in connection to the fire. Detectives say Careaga is the owner of the home and father of the family who lives there.

Detectives are also searching for a missing 2005 Ford F-150 brown pickup truck with Washington license plate CA9383B.

Please call the Kitsap County Sheriff's department if you have any information.

Police are investigating the deaths as a homicide.