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Teen with autism writes book for parents

A young man with autism shares his personal experiences to help parents, teachers and loved ones understand other kids who are autistic.
Trevor Pacelli shares his personal experiences growing up with autism in hopes of helping other children.

Trevor Pacelli is a young man who wants to help others understand children with autism. Pacelli also has autism and wrote a book that is simple for parents, teachers, and friends to use because the lessons are in six words or less.

The book is called Six-Word Lessons on Growing up Autistic: 100 Lessons to Understand How Autistic People See Life. Pacelli addresses five important topics for others to know about kids with autism:

- sensitivity

- loneliness

- sudden changes

- disciplining

- don't underestimate capabilities

How can people help your cause?

Tod Steward, Northwest Center: By learning and knowing the early signs of autism, you can get your child the needed help earlier so he or she can reach their maximum potential in life. In addition, 100 lessons delivers a one-of-a-kind peek into the inner heart and mind of an autistic child. Trevor shares his firsthand advice to help autistic children, their parents, educators, and others to meet challenges head-on.

Are changes needed to help support what you're doing?

Tod Steward: Yes…businesses need to become more inclusive and hire people with disabilities like Northwest Center does. It’s not a charity, but it’s good for businesses to do so. We also are inclusive for kiddos that attend, learn and play together with or without disabilities to demonstrate all types of kids should learn together.

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