Update: Ted Cruz suspended his campaign Tuesday evening and canceled his trip to Washington.

Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign released details Tuesday about his trip to Washington State later this week.

The Texas senator will start his trip in Spokane on Wednesday, holding a rally at the Convention Center at 3 p.m. He’s expected to travel to Redmond for a private fundraiser later that evening.

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On Thursday, the Cruz campaign plans a rally at the Cedar Park School and Church in Bothell between 10 a.m. and noon.

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The Church’s retired Senior Pastor Joe Fuiten has been involved in Washington State’s campaign for Ted Cruz.

The announcement comes on the same day of a critical primary in Indiana, a contest pundits call the last stand for the ‘Stop Trump’ movement.

"If Indiana does not act, this country could plunge into the abyss,” Cruz said on Tuesday.

More on Cruz’s “blistering attack against Donald Trump,” via NBC News.

An average of recent opinion polls shows Trump leading in Indiana, a state where 57 delegates are at stake.

Cruz told reporters Monday that he would continue his campaign regardless of winning or losing Indiana.

Mathematically, a contested convention is Cruz’s only shot at the nomination. Even if Donald Trump wins Indiana, the race will still likely stretch into June before Trump reaches the needed number of delegates, 1,237, to secure the nomination on the first convention ballot.

Washington State’s Republican Presidential Primary is May 24. Ballots will be mailed out later this week.

How Indiana's results will set the state for Washington's primary.

“Washington is really important we have 44 delegates,” said Saul Gamoran, Washington State Chair for the Ted Cruz campaign. “California has 172 delegates, but we have 44 delegates. We’re going to fight hard for every single one.”

Donald Trump's State campaign expects Trump to visit on Saturday, May 7. Details of the trip have not yet been released.

The Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland on July 18 to 21.