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Tech start-up seeks to connect women through mentorship app

A Seattle businesswoman is creating an app called Tribute, which aims to help professional women find the support and mentorship they need.

Nobody gets where they in life alone. Some of us are lucky to have mentors, people who help us navigate life’s tough choices. But finding a mentor can be just as hard as finding a job.

Local Seattle businesswoman Sarah Haggard is creating an app with the goal of helping professional women find the support they need. It's called Tribute, which seeks to connect busy professional women who are balancing career and families. It also aims to help young women just entering the workforce.

"Despite the time, money and best efforts invested, the programs we have access to today really aren't meeting our needs. If you talk to any professional woman, myself included, we don't live to 9 to 5 lives. The programs that we do have available to us can tend to reduce our life experiences to statistics without paying tribute to the life experiences and stories behind them," said Haggard.

"Tribute seeks to pull those stories forward as a means to connect to make mentorship not only more authentic but more enjoyable."

Haggard says building this app is so timely because there is a female leadership crisis in the workplace right now. She says that companies need women to meet their diversity and inclusion goals.

"Studies show when women rise to the top, it's great for the bottom line," said Haggard.

The early stage startup raising money with iFundWomen, a unique crowdfunding platform for female lead startups.