When is it right to get your kid their first phone?

The answer is complicated. After speaking to 1,500 parents of kids under 18 who have a smartphone, the average age for owning one is 13.

But beyond that, there are phones suited for kids of different ages. Some carriers have flip phones or WiFi-disabled phones, and 51 percent of kids got a hand-me-down phone. If you're getting your child a smartphone, it doesn't mean the access needs to be unlimited.

Setting parental controls is an easy way to manage smartphone usage. Specific sites or apps can be disabled, and time limits can even be set on smartphones.

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By getting your child a smartphone, you may be opening up access to a lot of content. However, there are better controls to regulate that content and even make sure your child is safe. Several tracking apps can show your child's location to you throughout the day.

So the real answer? Every family is different, and luckily there are a wide variety of options to suit any situation.