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Want to change your life? Tidy up

Marie Kondo’s very specific approach to organization is the focus of Netflix’s latest binge-worthy show, and people swear it’s life-changing.

Organization seems to be a top priority for a lot of us in the New Year, but have you tried the method everyone seems to be talking about right now?

"Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" is Netflix's latest binge-worthy show, centered around one woman's specific method for organizing your life.

It's based off of The New York Times bestselling book Kondo wrote back in 2014, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

With so many people obsessed with it, we thought we'd break down what it actually is. It's dubbed The KonMari Method.

  1. Evaluate everything you own by category. She suggests starting with clothes, for example.
  2. Consider each item one at a time
  3. Ask yourself: Does this item bring me joy?
  4. Yes? Keep it.
  5. No? Thank it for its service and toss or donate.

All that's left are items that bring you joy. Hopefully.

Now for the hard part: What do you do with all of your "joyless" things? Kondo’s method suggests you consider that by donating or selling your items you are giving others a chance to experience the joy those items once brought you. And if donating or selling aren’t options, you may need to toss them.

As for donating, several of you commented in our 5 Hive Facebook group urging us to all consider creative ways to get rid of the clutter. One person suggested searching for your local Buy Nothing group. These groups are part of the larger non-profit called the Buy Nothing Project.

Other suggestions: Hold a garage sale, participate in a community yard sale, or find a local organization to donate to.