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Take 5: Collecting stories of kindness in all 50 states

Mary Latham's journey to spread kindness across the country has stopped her in Washington before she continues on to more than a dozen other states.

Mary Latham is on a mission. She’s traveling the country to collect and share stories of kindness for her More Good project. It’s a project that’s deeply personal to her, because of why she started it in the first place.

Latham’s mother had always pushed her to look for the good in people, constantly reminding her there was “more good” to see in the world. When her mom succumbed to cancer, Latham decided to honor her by doing exactly that. So she climbed in her mother’s old Subaru and began a quest to go to all 50 states, seeking out stories of kindness she will ultimately compile into a book. Then she plans to donate that book to hospital waiting rooms as a source of hope and happiness to patients who may be suffering from a lack of both.

So far Latham's been to 27 different states since she started in October 2016, staying in 96 different homes – belonging mostly to strangers showing their own kindness by opening their doors to Mary and her mission. What has she learned from the journey?

“That when people aren't at their best, it is usually because they are going through something. That holding a door, or smiling at a stranger, or genuinely striking up conversation with someone can actually change a life. Talking to someone when they look upset, smiling more, paying attention to others...these are all simple acts that we are all capable of doing,” she said.

To learn more about Latham's journey, visit moregood.today.