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Senior citizen's singing voice stuns her Shelton community

Valerie's favorite song is "Amazing Grace," but she has trouble remembering the words. Once she heard the opening chords, it all came back to her.

SHELTON, Wash. — A senior citizen in Shelton stunned members of her living community recently with her beautiful pipes. 

Valerie is a resident at the Shelton Health and Rehabilitation Center, which provides short and long-term care to people in need. 

She ran into musician Aaron Michaelis who was there playing the guitar for another person at the facility. He said Valerie started singing to his music, and her voice just blew him away.

She told him her favorite song is "Amazing Grace,"  but she has trouble remembering the words.

Aaron said once she heard the opening chords it all came back to her and she started singing, providing a beautiful moment for everyone there.