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Pump break protections expanded for breastfeeding moms in Washington

The law covers salaried and hourly employees. Plus it mandates a private place for a woman to breastfeed in the workplace.

There is a new push to help nursing mothers in Washington state.  

A law that went into effect Sunday expands break rights for breastfeeding moms and creates state protections that go beyond federal ones.

Federal law currently requires that employers allow pumping breaks, but it does not cover all salaried workers. Both salaried and hourly workers are now entitled to pump breaks in Washington.

Employers also have to provide a private place to pump other than a bathroom, or they have to work with the employee to find a convenient location

The law also allows nursing moms to get pumping breaks two years after birth. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said breastfeeding is a health care issue since studies show mother's milk can reduce the risk of several health conditions, including asthma and diabetes.

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