SEATTLE — Doctor Matt Handley has over 30 years of experience in primary care medicine. He works hard, just like any other doctor does, but he offers something that's become rare in recent years - a house call. 

And in true Seattle fashion, he does them on his bicycle. 

He got rid of his cars six years ago when his child went to college and he said that it seemed to mean more to patients when they saw him riding up on his bike. 

"Usually a patient would come see me here in the clinic, but today it was right for her that I go and see her at home," Handley said. He has treated this particular patient for decades. 

He put on his biking gear and strapped on his helmet and began the trek to her house on a sunny day. Although he arrived somewhat sweaty, she didn't seem to mind as he walked up to her door.

"I've been doing these my whole career and I find that I know more about them from a home visit than I find out about them from years of seeing them here in the clinic," he said. 

Handley said he usually waits to do house call until the end of the day and admits that he can't do them for everybody. It's something he chooses to do for the patients that it makes sense. 

"'I've found that it helps me have joy, and any time I can have more joy and help patients find more joy, I'm doing the right thing."