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New Central Washington University program allows for fast-tracking STEM educators

Central Washington University is the first university in Washington to implement the UTeach model, which allows students to teach STEM after two years of school.

Central Washington University is introducing a new program designed to fast-track the process of becoming an educator in STEM. 

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, fields which are predicted to grow substantially in the near future. 

Teach STEM is a two-year CWU program that allows students to earn their degree while pursuing a career as an educator. 

It follows the UTeach model that originated at the University of Texas. 

The UTeach program is a national effort to satisfy the shortage of STEM educators by making it easier to become a certified teacher. 

Students enrolled in this two-year program are introduced to the classroom environment from the beginning and will continue to receive teaching assistance from the program for their first two years working as a teacher. 

Research has shown that the UTeach program is effective in increasing the number of students graduating in STEM education. 

Reducing the barriers of entry has also increased the diversity of applicants hoping to become a STEM educator. 

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“We need more women in STEM, we need more teachers of color in STEM, and this program is an easy way to become a teacher and make an impact,” said Darin Knapp, a Master Teacher for the new program. 

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Knapp encourages anyone who may be interested in teaching to apply, whether new students or professionals looking for a career change.  

For more information on the program visit Central Washington University’s website.