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Musical Mountaineers take sunrise hikes to a new level

The Musical Mountaineers who bring the beauty of sunrises and music to you.

“Everybody has something unique that they can bring to the world. What is that one unique gift that you have that you can share with others?”

Anastasia Allison and Rose Freeman are two women who happened to find each other by chance. Or was it?

After a near death experience, Anastasia decided to quit her job as a police officer and pursue her passion for the outdoors. That lead to the introduction of Rose Freeman. Together they formed a band called the Musical Mountaineers.

Anastasia and Rose take sunrise hikes to a new level by bringing a violin and a keyboard with them to mountain tops around Washington and produce elegant concerts.

Who are the concerts for? Basically no one.

“We don’t want to announce our concerts because we’re very mindful about the ‘leave no trace’ effort. Ultimately our goal is to make beautiful music, record it, and let it inspire others to follow their dream, or get out in the wilderness and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.”

After just a couple of years together, the Musical Mountaineers have been highlighted by Backpacker Magazine and The Sierra Club. 

They’ve also performed in Seattle’s Benaroya Hall and regularly get recognized by outdoor enthusiasts at REI and other outdoor stores.

“Other than inspiring cancer patients, and people who are going through a tough time in their lives, the ultimate goal of the Musical Mountaineers is to encourage everyone to follow their dream. Don’t let life get in the way of what will truly make you happy. If you follow your dream, good things will come.”

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