Soaked in puddle water is where Lakewood resident Ayn DuBois found it, a stolen package sent all the way from Egypt. It was thrown haphazardly into the mud at Fort Steilacoom Dog Park.

“In the middle of the puddle was just all of this gift wrap,” Dubois said.

DuBois and her dog Tansy are now on the hunt to find the would-be recipient of the green gift bag. It was still filled with handmade gifts from an aunt and uncle far away. 

There were only first names visible on the packaging, which has made identification particularly tricky. 

“This is the part that made me cry,” DuBois said, tearing up as she read through the Christmas card addressed to “Mina,” which was tucked inside the bag.

Community members have posted about the stolen package on Facebook to try and reach whoever fell victim to the porch pirate. But despite the post being shared several times, they've still had no luck.

“It made it all the way from Egypt to here and then got stolen off a porch, which just broke my heart,” DuBois said. “We’re really hoping that we find Mina and she understands that uncle Michael and aunt Helen really love her.”

If you have any information about the package or its rightful owners, you can contact DuBois through the Steilacoom Dog Park Facebook page. 

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