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Hot holiday toys for the 2019 season: Youtube edition

This Season, content creators are taking the stage with products made and inspired by the latest online trends

Toy buying season is upon us, and this year, YouTube is all the rage. From gaming channels, to slime, to the Baby Shark song, there’s sure to be something for kids of every age.

Marissa DiBartolo, editor-in-chief of ToyInsider.com, gives her expert opinion on the Holiday’s hottest buys.

Here are six products DiBartolo recommends:

LAMO vinyl figures, $19.99

These 5-inch vinyl figures come in many shades of Youtube gamers such as Ninja. Each comes with a QR code that kids can scan to unlock an exclusive artificial reality (AR) experience.

YouTube Channel: Ninja

FGTEEV giant mystery TV, $39.99

This package is one giant ‘unboxing experience,’ featuring collectable figures, a turkey plush, stickers, and more for kids to uncover.

YouTube Channel: FGTeev

Baby Shark slimygloop mix’ems, $16.99

Satisfying textures and a viral online trend, this slime kit doesn’t let kids make their own slime, but it does come with seven different slimes and things like glitter to customize them.

YouTube Channel: Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

Baby Shark song puppets, $19.99

These puppets change the tempo of Pinkfong’s iconic Baby Shark song as you move them

Youtube Channel: Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

Ryans World super surprise safe $39.99

Similar to the FGTEEV mystery box, this unwrappable gift includes more than 30 suprises, unlockable with the puzzle layout of a safe.

YouTube Channel: Ryan’s World

TicTacToy Unicorn and Friends $9.99

Unwrap unicorn suprises in this surprise box based off of the popular family toy channel, Tic Tac Toys!

YouTube Channel: Tic Tac Toy