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ESPN's Kenny Mayne aims to help injured veterans with charity

Kenny Mayne's goal is to help financially support Veterans who could benefit from the "Magic Device."

Kenny Mayne’s a nationally known anchor for ESPN’s Sportscenter, but now he’s launching a foundation to help veterans. Mayne, who lives part time in Western Washington, recently launched a foundation called Run Freely that will help provide devices for veterans dealing with limb injuries.

Mayne broke his leg in the 80’s when he was playing college football. After more than 10 surgeries it wasn’t getting better until he found a new device, worn on the foot, that has taken away his pain.

The Exosym device reduces pain and restores mobility in a way that that can help to avoid amputation. It’s expensive and that’s why Mayne started Run Freely this year. His goal is to help financially support Veterans who could benefit from the same “magic device.”

“So you keep your bad leg and you stick it inside this thing, and then you can do things you once couldn’t do,” Mayne said.

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When his leg was not healing Mayne considered all options.

“I was seriously considering the final decision on the leg there,” Mayne said.

“He woke up every day in pain. He’d hobble to the bathroom,” Mayne’s wife Gretchen Mayne said. “When we first met he wanted to amputate his foot he was in so much pain.”

Since he started using the device he has been pain free.

Mayne wants to make one clear. He doesn’t work for, he’s not sponsored by, and he doesn’t invest in the company that makes this device. He just wants to help veterans.

Mayne will hold a fundraiser event for his new foundation on August 11 at Sammamish High School. His event will feature Steve Largent, Gary Payton, Jamal Crawford, and Jerry Rice. For $25 entry you can buy a ticket. There will be food trucks and plenty of photo opportunities.

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